Deal with Estate agent Cardiff

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One of our first jobs in Cardiff for the new estate agent contract
We are delighted to have signed a deal to fit paving for a great estate agent Cardiff company. They are gong with us as an exclusive partnership and we hope that we will be getting lots of new business from this ground breaking partnership.
We have been steadily growing the business now through the recession and whilst it was not easy and it’s been really hard work, it seems to have all been worth the struggle given the growth we have seen over the past two years.
This latest partnership should help fuel further growth this year and we are really excited by this latest deal that should hopefully see plenty of new business in the coming months. We are already starting work on a bungalow project for them and the initial feedback was amazing.

New approach from this Cardiff estate agent

We have never been approached by an estate agent before to do this kind of collaboration and its really refreshing to find someone as pro-active as us about generating new business and exploring new opportunities. They have been a pleasure to work with and we are really looking forward to doing some great business together. They have a number of exciting projects we are currently looking at and even if half of them come through it will be a great start to the new relationship.
We are now just waiting for the three other projects to get the green light and we will then post up some more pictures for you.

Cardiff estate agent helps us break into new markets

This new venture could be the start of a new way of doing business that we have not done before but I have to admit the possibilities of extending this does excite me. We are always looking at new ways of generating business and this seems like a win win scenario for both parties and I can’t see why it can’t be expanded to cover other agents and also developers etc that may not have the required expertise that we have here.
So if you are an agent that has stumbled across us or a large or small scale developers then we would love to here from you. We will buy the coffee and if you just bring along an open mind then we could be talking about our next new venture with you. If you do want any recommendations then our friends at PM Premier would be sure to speak to you or if you rather an email log onto their website and get in touch via the contact page mentioning our name. To view it log on to

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