Our range of plaques

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We will engrave onto many different materials to create our range of plaques that we offer to the general public and businesses. As well as our general range of products for the home and garden we offer many bespoke services to keep our customers happy.
We love to create custom plaques for a variety of different uses, from basic simple designs forth home like our beautiful rang of house name signs and bedroom name plaques to something on a much larger scale like a giant monolith or memorial stone.
a monolith with an engraved plaque on it

Plaques created for all sorts of event

We have been fortunate to have created products for all types of event from the opening of a new school or hospital to a real one off piece like a memorial stone to remember the fallen.
The reasons for people commissioning us to complete a project are many and each job is a new challenge for us. We love to work on bespoke projects and love to hear from people just like you. We take time and trouble to fully understand what you are looking to achieve and from that we will put it into our design team to start the process of creating the visuals for you.
Once we have some designs for you we will work with you to make any changes and then once everyone is happy with the design we will begin a process that generations in our family have been doing.

Your plaques go into production

We have the design and by now you ave picked the materials and end finish of your plaques and its now they go into our workshop to get made. We source the finest materials from all over the world and you can take you pick of some of the most beautiful natural products at our disposal.
We take a great deal of pride and care with the materials we work with and a well trained craftsman will begin to hand engrave your design on a variety of slate, stone or marble. Once completed the work is always checked to ensure it meets our very high standards and no project is ever sent from the workshop until a strict quality control process has been gone through.

The completed plaques will be perfect

Once our stringent quality control process is done and your plaques are passed for despatch they will be sent via a courier to the address of your choice. For the larger works and the projects that require custom fitting we will deliver and fit them at a time of your choice. We are always happy to see a completed job and the satisfaction of a job well done is rewards enough for the work that goes into each and every sign we create.
If you have been inspired to get a project done for yourself or your business our team are always waiting to take your call where we can discuss you becoming the latest in a long line of very satisfied customers. http://www.stonesign.com

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